The Volkswagen Mark IV Video DVD

The ONLY full length VIDEO Service Manual!!

The ULTIMATE repair guide for Routine and Scheduled Maintenance for your Golf, GTI, and Jetta!!!!

The DVD set contains the Volkswagen Mark IV Video Repair DVD and an electronic copy of the procedures, service schedules, and appendices.  

This repair manual is a brand new concept in vehicle maintenance.  Instead of reading procedures or trying to understand pictures, contained in this DVD (playable on your standard DVD player) are thirty-one short video movies on how to repair your MKIV Volkswagen.

Below are some sample movies from the DVD.
VW Repair DVD Movie File #1 - Intro Screens and Selection Screens
VW Repair DVD Movie File #2 - Selected Steps
VW Repair DVD Movie File #3 - Selected Steps
VW Repair DVD Movie File #4 - Selected Steps

Even if you have never touched a screwdriver in your life, or if you don't know how to use a Torque Wrench, it doesn't matter.  This DVD Video will show you how to use every tool, step by step; using them properly and safely.

Your car is a very important investment.  Whether you drive it to work every day or just for recreation, it needs to operate safely and efficiently.  When you take your car to the dealer, to a Jiffy Lube, or even to your local mechanic, please consider this.  These places service so many vehicles a day, the mechanics really don't have the time to care more about your car then any other car.  However, when you do the maintenance yourself, you know that it will get done right.

The DVD set includes two items.  The first is, as discussed above, the Mark IV Volkswagen Repair DVD.  It includes a total of THIRY ONE videos.  These videos are listed below.

Initial Condition Videos

Raising the Hood
Removing and Replacing a Wheel
Raising the Vehicle Front
Raising the Vehicle Rear


Periodic Maintenance Videos

Power steering level check
Engine oil level check
Signal light check
Fuel filter replacement
Signal light replacement
Transmission fluid replacement (Manual Trans Focus)
Brake Fluid Level
Windshield wiper replacement

Scheduled Maintenance Videos

Changing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter (VR6 Focus)
Check / Refill Windshield Washer Fluid
Automatic Transmission Shift Lock (Auto Trans Focus)
Brake System Check
Tire Rotation
Air Filter Replacement
Battery Check
Check / Refill Coolant Fluid
Checking for Transmission Leaks
Check Drive Shaft Boots (FWD Focus)

Check / Erase ODB II Memory
Lubricate Doors and Sunroof
Adjust Headlights
Spark Plug Replacement (VR6 Focus)
Cabin Filter Replacement
Serpentine Belt Replacement (VR6 Focus)
Brake Fluid Drain and Refill
Checking Transmission Fluid Level (Manual Trans Focus)
Checking Front Axle Components (FWD Focus)

You also get an electronic copy of all the listed procedures, and all the appendices.  This way, you can throw your procedure away when you are finished with it and print a new, clean copy.  You MUST specify either CD or 3.5" Floppy Disc, or a CD will be sent.  The two appendices contain the ODB II code guide and an appendix on selecting the proper motor oil for your vehicle.

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