LED Project #2 - The VW Mark IV Cluster Upgrade

Transform your OEM cluster into a dynamic LED display AND adjustable shift light!!

Tired of the same old blue lights in the instrument cluster? Check out one of the two movies below for an idea of what the LED Project #2 is all about!!! If for some reason you cannot view the movies, check it out from YouTube HERE

Sample movies:
LED Project #2 - MPEG format, Shift light disabled(5MB)
LED Project #2 - MPEG format, Shift light enabled(7MB)

The LED Project #2 adds the following cluster functionality:
-Speedometer LEDs dynamically track vehicle speed
-Tachometer LEDs dynamically track engine speed
-Adjustable shift light allows you to choose your shift point
-Turn on all the lights at a flip of a switch
-The install is easy, clean and looks virtttually stock

If you like, you can pick every single LED to personalize your LED project. Just click on the link below, and maximize the new window that opens up. (You may need to disable your Pop-Up blocker) This will give you an idea of what the cluster will look like with different colors.

Tachometer / Speedometer Color Selection

Even if you don't know a whole lot about your car, you can still do this install. It requires no soldering, no wire cutting, and no expensive tools. Just print the procedure from the included CD, and follow along in the included DVD. Then do the step on your vehicle. You can always stop and watch the DVD again if you have any questions!

I have included a few of the installation steps below, in MPEG format. Included with the videos is the applicable procedure. If you would like to know more, go ahead and submit a quote and I will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

LED Project #2 Sample Installation Steps

Disconnecting the Battery - Movie and Procedure
Instrument Cluster Disassembly - Movie and Procedure
LED Ring Installation - Movie and Procedure
Speedometer Calibration - Movie and Procedure

You will receive the following items included in the Kit:

-One LED Project #2 Instructional DVD
-One LED Project #2 Written Procedures CD
-Double-sided storage case for CD/DVD

-One LED Project #2 Circuit Board

-One Tachometer LED Centering Ring
-One Speedometer LED Centering Ring

-All Applicable Labels for wire identification
-One ECU to Switch Cable wire
-One 10 pin Switch Cable
-Six Joining Splices

My Return Policy

If for ANY reason your Kit/DVD is defective in any way, contact me with the symptoms using the information at the bottom of this page.  You may need to ship the item back to my location ALONG WITH a copy of the shipping receipt.  If I determine that the item was indeed defective, then I will replace it FREE of charge, AND I will refund the shipping you paid.

The base price for the LED Project #2 Kit is $199.99, including shipping to the local 48 states. Unfortunately, since I allow customization of your LEDs, I cannot list an exact purchase price until I receive the information telling me your choices. Please click the button below to submit a request for a quote.   If you decide to purchase, I accept PayPal, US Money Orders, or US Cashier's Checks.  If you wish to pay by Cashier's Check or Money Order, please email  Please allow 7 days for the check to clear.

I prefer PayPal.  Pay instantly with your Credit Card through .

Contact Information

My goal is to make my customers happy.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me at  I love hearing from my customers, so feel free to call and ask for Mike at (704)-719-0136.  I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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