Group Photograph

Chapter 11 Dubs was started by two local enthusiasts aiming to revive the Volkswagen/Audi scene in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. In early 2007, Brian Guerri and Rick Mathur founded the enthusiast group. The name is a play on both Charlotte being a large national financial district as well as what the title represents – bankruptcy. The idea is that we are a collective group of such devoted enthusiasts that we ‘go broke’ maintaining and modifying our cars. The name is just a glimpse in the fun nature its members all share. The initial vision was to unite enthusiasts with a shared vision – to foster a sense of camaraderie and give back to the community.

The club has welcomed members from not only the Charlotte area but the southeast at large. Our members hail from all walks of life and represent a very diverse group with regards to race, religion and profession. We have been a very family-friendly group with a laid back mentality as we share the same passion for our cars and the culture the label has perpetuated over the last few decades. While the organization does not have the typical abundance of complex red tape seen with a typical membership requirements, we do require our members to be respectful of others and refrain from actions/words that cause turmoil or draw any ill attention to fellow members. Any member found to be the source or responsible for such behavior or actions that are detrimental to what Chapter 11 represents, can and will be removed from the active member’s list.

A part of the original vision for Chapter 11 is to be active in the community and contribute positively to common causes. Over the years we have supported such organizations and causes as the Humane Society, the common fight against poverty “Stand up and Speak Out”, held canned food drives for food banks and much more. We aim to continue such efforts and will take suggestions by all members for future endeavors.

Of course with almost any club or organization, there are perks. The club has secured discounts at a variety of shops from aftermarket parts retailers to VW dealers and service centers. We are also a great resource for most VW/Audi related questions!

Our general events and weekly get-togethers are always open to the public and we make every effort to meet and greet the new faces we see. From road-trips to national shows, weekend outings, weekly dinners to our yearly mega-cookout “Nuclear Invasion”, we aim to go beyond the “car” and create friendships that are priceless. From national trophy-winning show cars to completely stock cars of all generations, our beginnings are humble and we keep it that way. All are welcome.

Chapter 11 Dubs is based out of Charlotte, NC but membership is open to anyone in the surrounding states.